SyAAF MiG-21bis Shot Down (2017-03-04)

Yesterday, a SyAAF MiG-21bis from No. 679 squadron operating from Hama AB and piloted by Col. Mohammad Sawfan "العقيد محمد صوفان" was shot down by rebels and subsequently crashed in Turkish territory nearby the borders; the pilot in question has successfully ejected but been arrested and taken to a hospital in Antakya.

The Fishbed pilot whom was suspended from flight some years back, was returned to service recently; it's believed this was his first sortie after suspension.

A recording for the last conversation between the pilot and the GC I received, clearly shows the pilot was dis-oriented due to a technical failure malfunctioned the compass first then the whole navigation system. After that the pilot couldn't recognize his way back to base -as requested by the GC- which put him under range of AAA of Ahrar Al-Sham rebels.


SyAAF Su-22M-3 Crashed (2017-02-05)

Yesterday, 5th Feb. 2017, a SyAAF Su-22M-3 operating from Neyrab AB and piloted by Lieutenant Col. Bassel Saleh "المقدم باسل صالح" crashed on the approach to land in the said airfield resulting in the death of the pilot.

The aircraft in question was deployed from Dmeir AB to Neyrab AB just few days back together with another aircraft of the same type.

Although the photo above shows the serial 3013 but it is still unconfirmed if the same aircraft was crashed.


SyAAF Loses Two of Her L-39s in Deir EzZour AB

Last Sunday, 8th Jan. ISIS fighters damaged two L-39s parked inside the double-HAS at the furthest western side of Deir EzZour airfield by ATGMs fired from a considerably close distance; the whole footage can be seen in this VIDEO.

Providing that no reports raised from Deir EzZour about night sorties of SyAAF units which the L-39 becomes famous with; add to that the area aside the HAS is kinda empty of trucks and personnel, I can say these two Albatroses were stored and not airworthy for period; eventually, both the aircraft caught fire and completely melt down.

One wonders how SyAAF did not arrange any measure to protect these easy-to-maintain aircraft which were spotted by ISIS fighters in a video from the same area published last September.